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Privacy Notice (Ver 1.1)

Coupang Corp., Ltd. and all its affiliates and subsidiaries (“Company”) actively guarantee the rights of Users and comply with all privacy regulations and guidelines.

This privacy notice applies to all users who use the services provided on (“User”).

Table of Contents

  1. Types of Personal Data Collected and Used
  2. Collection Method
  3. Period of Retention and Use
  4. Provision of Personal Data
  5. Consignment of Personal Data Processing
  6. Disposal of Personal Data
  7. Installation/Operation of Automatic Data Collection Tool and How to Opt Out
  8. Rights and Obligations of Users
  9. Securing Safety of Personal Data
  10. The Chief Privacy Officer and Staff Responsible for Privacy Inquires
  11. Additional Policies

1. Types of Personal Data Collected and Used

The Company collects and processes minimal personal data.

  • Items collected: e-mail address
  • Purpose of use: provision of subscription services ( — Resources — Email Alert — Subscribe To Investor Email Alerts)

2. Collection Method

The Company will notify the users in advance and receive consent before personal data is collected, and personal data will be collected by the following methods.

  • Users give consent to personal data collection and enter their information directly while using the service.
  • Personal data is provided by affiliate services or organizations.

3. Period of Retention and Use

The Company processes User’s personal data only for as long as necessary for the purpose of use, and the personal data is disposed immediately once the purpose is achieved. In the case of the investment notification subscription service, the personal data is deleted immediately as soon as the User opts out from the investor email notification.

4. Provision of Personal Data

The company does not provide personal data to third parties unless separate consent is given by the User or it is required by law.

5. Consignment of Personal Data Processing

The Company consigns some of the work necessary for provision of services and oversees how securely our third parties process Users’ personal data consigned to them in accordance with laws and regulations.

Destination Country
Contact information
of CPO
Time and Medtod
of Transfer
Personal data is transferred online when entered in the system
Items Transferred
e-mail address
Purpose of Use
Investor email notification service
Period of Retention
and Use
When consent is withdrawn or consignment is complete

6. Disposal of Personal Data

Personal data is disposed immediately by the following method once the purpose of use is achieved or Users withdraw consent. Electronic files are safely deleted so they cannot be restored and recovered, and other records, printed documents, and papers are shredded or burned for disposal.

7. Installation/Operation of Automatic Data Collection Tool and How to Opt Out

Cookies may be used to provide PC-based services. Cookies are used to support faster and more convenient use of the website and provide customized services.

Purpose of Use

Cookies are used to store and recall users’ data to provide customized and personalized services. When a user visit a website, the website server reads the cookie stored on the user’s device to maintain the user’s environment settings and provide customized services. Cookies help users maintain their settings and use the website more conveniently when visiting the website. Cookies are also used to provide customized information such as personalized advertisement based on the websites users visit and the content they view.

Blocking Cookies

Cookies do not store identifiable information such name and phone number, and it is up to Users to accept or decline cookies: they can choose to accept all cookies, check every time they receive and store a new cookie or refuse to store any cookies. However, use of the website as well as some services that require log-in may become difficult if cookies are blocked.

[How to change cookie settings]

8. Rights and Obligations of Data Subjects

Users can withdraw consent and request to stop processing personal data at any time by cancelling investor email notification. Users also may make requests to access, correct or delete their information collected through the CPO and staff. But it may be difficult to fulfill requests from customers to delete or stop the processing of their personal data, or withdraw the consent if any of the following is true:

  • There are special provisions under the law, or it is absolutely necessary to fulfill an obligation under the law;
  • There is a possibility of incurring damage to life, body, property and other interests of a third party;

The Company also guarantees the legal rights of legal representatives of children under 14 years of age. (Requests to access, correct or delete the child’s information, right to request suspension of personal information processing, etc.)

9. Securing Safety of Personal Data

The Company protects the personal data of Users through the following ways.

  • The number of people who can access and handle personal data is kept at a minimum.
  • Regular training is implemented for personal data handlers, and privacy policy compliance is reviewed regularly.
  • The system is installed in a region that cannot be accessed externally to prevent hacking and viruses, and a 24-hour monitoring system is installed to detect and block any intrusions.
  • Vaccines and other security programs are installed and they are regularly reviewed and updated.
  • Personal data of Users is encrypted in transit, and important information such as passwords are saved after encryption.

10. The Chief Privacy Officer and Staff Responsible for Privacy Inquires

Users may make inquiries, raise complaints, or ask for damage relief regarding privacy issues while using the service through the contact points below. Coupang will promptly respond to and handle inquiries.

Chief Privacy Officer
Department Handling Privacy Complaints
  • Department: Coupang Customer Center
  • Phone number: 1577-7011
  • Email address:

Users who need to receive consultation on privacy matters or report a personal data breach may also contact the following authorities:

11. Additional Policies

Should there be grounds for a change to User’s right to data privacy, customers will be notified at least 7 days before the effective date through an announcement on the website. However, Users will be notified at least 30 days in advance of any changes that are important to the User's rights or obligations.

  • Privacy notice version: 1.1
  • Privacy notice release date: 2022. 02. 07
  • Privacy notice effective date: 2022.02.14