We strive for the best customer experience on Earth

Coupang customers benefit from exponentially better experiences, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Same Day Delivery. Dawn Delivery. Rocket Fresh. Everything we do is built around the lives of our customers, and we work hard to ensure speed, convenience, choice and value—every day.

Rocket Delivery

Average delivery times under 12 hours. A selection of millions. 99% of orders delivered within a day, nationwide. Powered by our cutting-edge technology, over 42 million square feet of logistics infrastructure, and the third largest private workforce in Korea, Rocket Delivery is transforming the shopping experience for our customers from Seoul to Jeju Island.

Coupang has invested billions of dollars into Rocket to create this one-of-a-kind experience, but we are always looking to make it even better.

Since launching the service in 2014, we’ve expanded it to include Dawn and Same-Day Delivery, providing even faster shipping to meet the growing needs of our customers. Place an order as late as midnight to receive it by 7 AM the next day, or in the morning to receive it that very day.

Same-Day Delivery
Shipping and sortation

And because we control the entire shipping and sortation process end-to-end, we can innovate beyond the traditional e-commerce model. For example, over 85% of our orders are delivered boxless. Through our proprietary algorithms, custom trucks equipped with protective bins, and other innovations, we’ve minimized the use of cardboard boxes and other wasteful packaging normally required to protect deliveries.

We are proud of what we’ve built. But this is just the beginning. We will continue to innovate and break trade-offs to set the global example for what commerce can be for the customer.

Rocket Fresh

As the nation’s largest online grocer, Rocket Fresh covers all your grocery needs, delivered in our patented eco-friendly Fresh bags. Utilizing our nationwide Rocket Delivery network and cold-chain logistics technology, Fresh ships orders directly to customers’ doorsteps in a matter of hours. With fresh fruit, vegetables, meat, and thousands of other items available at the tap of a button, grocery shopping has never been easier.

Rocket Fresh is another prime example of Coupang’s global leadership in commerce innovation. Just a few months after launching Fresh in 2019, we decided to eliminate styrofoam packaging, moving away from the environmentally harmful industry standard. Then, in 2020, we introduced our reusable Fresh bags, eliminating most disposable packaging altogether.

Styrofoam packaging
Fresh bags

Today, Coupang deploys millions of Fresh bags to deliver groceries and fresh foods. Customers can leave their empty bags outside their doorsteps to be picked up by Coupang’s drivers on their next delivery. These bags are then brought to our centers to be cleaned and sterilized for reuse.

Our deployment of reusable Fresh bags instead of styrofoam and other types of packaging has the same impact as planting nine million trees each year. And we continue to pioneer new ideas, such as electronic delivery trucks and closed-loop recycling systems, to make Fresh the most sustainable, convenient grocery option on the planet.

Coupang Eats

Get great food with Coupang’s trademark convenience and speed. Our “one order, one delivery” model ensures customers get their food as the restaurants intended, without any detours or additional pick-ups along the way.

With the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for a fast, convenient, and reliable food delivery option became more apparent than ever. Both customers and restaurants came to depend on Coupang to weather the pandemic.

Food delivery
Revitalization program

We supported thousands of restaurant owners in keeping their businesses afloat during these difficult times, and we continue to run campaigns such as the Coupang Eats’ Revitalization Program, which helps small business owners in traditional markets adapt to the online delivery model.

We believe the superior experience we offer to customers and restaurants alike has driven our success, including making Coupang Eats the most downloaded app in Korea last year.

Coupang Play

From exclusive sports live-streaming to blockbuster movies, educational content, and Coupang original productions, Coupang Play has something for everyone to enjoy. We are continually adding new content to create a one-of-a-kind streaming experience, helping Coupang Play become Korea’s fastest growing OTT player in 2021.

Sports fans have been able to enjoy popular events such as the Tokyo Olympics, Premier League and Korean national team football matches, and the NFL Super Bowl. Music lovers have gotten exclusive access to concert performances from artists like Coldplay and BTS.

Sports fans
Streaming service

We also have a broad range of popular content from Korea and abroad, including everything from the award-winning Harry Potter series to hit K-drama “The Red Sleeve.”

And now, with the continual production of our very own Coupang Originals such as “One Day” and “SNL Korea,” customers will never run out of exciting content to enjoy on our differentiated streaming service.

Quick Commerce

Commerce is constantly evolving, and Coupang is leading the way. When we introduced Rocket, we showed that deliveries can be made in a matter of hours, not days. Now, with Quick Commerce, customers can have orders delivered to their doorsteps in a matter of minutes.

Ultra-fast delivery has been a boon for consumers especially during the pandemic. Our customers can procure essentials quickly while maintaining quarantine and distancing measures, oftentimes faster than they could have if they stepped out to the store themselves.

These are the types of transformative innovations and “wow” experiences we aim to create for our customers, day in and day out.

Bike delivery
Coupang globally

Last year, we expanded our services into Japan, bringing the one-of-a-kind Coupang experience to customers outside of Korea. As we continue to expand globally, we hope to provide customers the world over the experiences that make them wonder, “How did we ever live without Coupang?”

Coupang Pay

We always start from our customers’ biggest needs and work backwards, even if that means developing an entire new core competency to address them. This principle led us to build an entire end-to-end logistics network from scratch, creating Rocket Delivery. It is why we’ve introduced services like Rocket Fresh and Coupang Eats, as well as our new fintech offering, Coupang Pay.

Coupang Pay was born from our constant drive to create an effortless customer experience.

As we continued to add more services to meet the needs of our customers, we realized that we could make their payments even simpler by developing our own payment solutions.

Customer experience
Customer lives

Thanks to Coupang Pay, customers can make fast, seamless payments across all our Coupang services.

There are still countless ways we can improve our customers’ lives, and we will continue working and innovating to deliver the “wow” experiences they deserve.