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Veterans readjust to civilian life with Coupang

Mar 18, 2022

When Captain Jun-ho Kim was discharged from the military in November 2020, he faced a tough job market. The pandemic was in full-swing, and despite his seven years of experience as a transport officer in a military logistics facility, he struggled to find employment. Finally, in March last year, he visited the VA center of the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs, where he learned of a full-time employment opportunity at Coupang Fulfillment Services (CFS).

Coupang has been actively working with the government and military to recruit veterans through public-private partnerships. The company aims to find strong matches to enable recently discharged veterans to convert the experience they have accumulated in the military towards civilian life.

For example, CFS employed dozens of former officers and non-commissioned officers as field and area managers in Coupang fulfillment centers (FCs) nationwide last year, leveraging their experience leading troops and managing logistics. In November last year, Coupang also signed a separate agreement with ROK Army Personnel Command to employ both veteran officers and soldiers with the goal of fostering information and communication technology talent.

After being recommended by the VA center, Kim went through an interview and was fast-tracked to employment in just three weeks. "I never dreamed that I would get a full-time job in just four months," said Kim, who now works as a team captain at the Gimhae 2 FC.

Kim is very happy with his current job, which not only pays well but also allows him to make use of his previous military experience. "Coupang has good benefits, such as a five-day workweek and annual leave, and I can work close to home," he said. "Above all, I am finally able to grow as a logistics expert based on my military career. In the future, I want to save up, buy a house, and get married," he added with a laugh.

Captain Myeong-ho Jeong, who works as an HR recruitment manager at the Incheon 16 FC, can relate. "My career as an officer was recognized by Coupang, and I could seize a new opportunity in life," Jeong said. He added, "When discharged officers return to civilian life, they often wander for a long time because they cannot find a proper job. But I found my dream in Coupang."

"We are grateful to our veterans for supporting our country, and seek to do all we can to ensure they can smoothly transition into civilian life after their service," said a Coupang representative. "Whether it’s by creating thousands of good jobs across the nation or actively addressing employment gaps, we will continue striving to build a better future for all."

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