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Two former drivers use expertise to build new careers through Coupang Care

Sep 2, 2022


Can you spot the difference in the images below?

For Coupang’s “delivery troubleshooters” Young-baek Kim and Do-yoon Guk, identifying mis-deliveries through minor differences in the images uploaded by Coupang Friends, the company’s drivers, is a part of their daily routine. 

After each order is completed, Coupang Friends take a photo as proof of delivery for the customer and company. Of course, mistakes can happen in the course of work, such as deliveries being made to Apartment 606 instead of Apartment 506. Thanks to troubleshooters like Young-baek and Do-yoon, however, who monitor delivery images and compare them to previous delivery histories and records in real-time, these mistakes can be quickly corrected to ensure a satisfactory customer experience. These delivery troubleshooters also work together with camp leaders so that such mistakes don’t occur in the future.

Do-yoon Guk

The secret to Young-baek and Do-yoon’s success in this line of work is their previous experience as Coupang Friends. While working as drivers, both Young-baek and Do-yoon ran into their share of tricky deliveries, such as apartments without clear address numbers or college dorms with names that didn’t show up on maps. These experiences help Young-baek and Do-yoon identify potential problem areas and support drivers in their own deliveries.

While Young-baek and Do-yoon worked as drivers, both their managers recommend that they enroll in Coupang Care, a free health promotion program offered by the company. Coupang Care provides drivers four weeks of paid leave to take time off and focus on their health, with free personalized health, diet, and exercise plans recommended by trained experts. 

Young-baek Kim

Occasionally, the examinations from Coupang Care may uncover health conditions and risks, in which case, the company may recommend new positions for Coupang Friends. “It was my fault that my health got so bad,” said Young-baek, “but Coupang Care gave me another chance.” For that, Young-baek has been very grateful, as he was able to recover his health while finding a new position to leverage his experience. Do-yoon agrees. “I’ve never heard of a place that tells you to take a break while paying for it,” he said.

The two are very happy in their new positions, where they can use their frontline expertise to support other drivers. “My experience as a delivery driver was a huge help in my office work as well,” said Do-yoon. “Having that combined knowledge helps my career, giving me a unique perspective that others don’t have.” He added, “Thank you for giving me such a precious opportunity to find this new position.” 

Young-baek is also grateful, both personally and career-wise. “I’m so thankful to Coupang for considering my health and recommending job options,” he said.

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