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Celebrating 12 years of women wowing the world at Coupang

Aug 30, 2022

This article was published in our Newsroom on March 8, 2022 in celebration of International Women’s Day.

Whether it’s the forklift driver carrying 100 tons of customer goods each day or the tech developers delivering new innovations to transform the customer experience, women at Coupang have continually raised the bar for achievement across all different fields. We introduce just a few of the ways Coupang supports these women as they create a world where customers wonder, “How did I ever live without Coupang?”


CouFriend Communications

Coupang’s directly employed frontline staff handle the logistics and fulfillment work that enables the one-of-a-kind Coupang experiences such as Dawn Delivery and Effortless Returns. In 2020, Coupang created the CouFriend Communications Team to nurture female talent in the field and support the women in the frontline logistics workplace.

From day one, women who join Coupang as frontline employees are introduced to the “Camp Life Guide,” and begin one-on-one communications with the CouFriend Communications Team. They are provided not only consultations to help them adapt to the workplace and practical advice to solve various issues that may arise, but also continual guidance on how they can promote their long-term careers. 

CREW Committee

The Coupang Rocket Engagement for Women (CREW) Committee was founded in March 2021, with the aim of promoting diversity and inclusion at Coupang. CREW hosts various meetings to share information and help women across Coupang to network and build relationships to support their careers.

For 2022 International Women’s Day, CREW hosted the event #BREAKTHEBIAS to bring three special speakers who have helped change the world into a better, more inclusive place. These speakers included Lee Seul Yena, the EBS producer who created Korea’s beloved animated penguin Pengsoo, James Lee, Coupang’s VP of Consumer Electronics & Media, and Rachel Joo, Coupang’s Deputy General Counsel of E-Commerce Legal. These speakers discussed their past experiences in overcoming biases, and how a supportive workplace can help everyone thrive.

Through such events, CREW aims to celebrate diversity, promote Coupang’s inclusive culture, and foster a supportive network across the entire organization. 

Women-in-Tech @ Coupang

Women-in-Tech was launched in 2021 with the goal of empowering women through mentorship and leadership training and increasing female tech leadership at Coupang. The group, which currently includes over 200 members, meets regularly every one to two months for training workshops and tech discussions, as well as to share various tips from their work lives, including working relationships, work-life balance, and self-development.

The group also plans to hold community events to invite girls interested in tech and foster their talents to support the tech leaders of tomorrow. 

For 12 years, women at Coupang have worked to create the one-of-a-kind experiences that wow our customers every day. We are indebted to them for their efforts, and will continue to make Coupang the most supportive and inclusive workplace to bring out the best in all our employees.


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